Building Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) is a program for students ages 10-14 created to sprout future business owners. The program cultivates valuable writing, networking, and presentation skills young people can use throughout life. Students will discover their passion and transform it into a true business.

BYE was created by Behave LLC. The pilot program was run with just one student, Elan Texiera of Atlanta, GA, who spent the summer of 2013 developing her business – The Sock Bow.

Through summer and after school programs, online resource center, and young entrepreneur marketplace, BYE is investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. Join the movement and support the dreams of our youth. The difference could be you.

Questions about our program and camps? Email us or call 404.923.0859 for more information. Want to sponsor a child for summer camp this year? Click here.

What is crowdfunding?


Students will share their business with the world through a real capital campaign via social media and Students then use the money they raise to fund their business.

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