Put your kids to work this summer – for themselves!

Building Young Entrepreneurs is excited to bring to the spirit of entrepreneurship to the youth of Metro Atlanta. During the 6-week program, your child will write a real business plan and start a real business.

Each student will have a dedicated page to present their business idea, share their camp experience blog, and raise real funds to support their start-up. At the end of the summer, each young entrepreneur will present their business in front of a panel of judges and live audience.

Weekly Outline

WEEK 1 – SPARK: Guide youth in self-discovery and pursuit of passion
WEEK 2-3 – SHAPE: Lead students on the path to developing a business plan, budget, and funding strategies
WEEK 4-5 – BUZZ: Explore principles of brand communications
WEEK 6 – BLAZE: Cultivate valuable networking and presentation skills

What’s Covered

Field Trips

Program Highlights

Crowdfunding for youth businesses
Mentoring by local entrepreneurs
Field trips and enrichment activities
Awards and prizes

So you think your child is too young to start a business? Check out these inspiring stories from entrepreneurs as young as age 9.

Camp Location & Schedule


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