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Hi, my name is Altria Green. I am 11 years old going to 7th grade. I attend KIPP WAYS Academy Atlanta,GA. I have one sister and three brothers. I love theater,baking,cooking,reading,and giving gifts to people. The things I love to do most is give gifts/things to people and baking. I also like helping others feel better and making new friends. Out of many things I love love love to eat sweets, but I also have to work out which can fun with family and friends. Many people like me and appreciate me for many things such as baking,acting,niceness,etc.

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Hi my name is Altria Green. The name of my business is ‘Greeting Jard’. I am selling jars that you can order  for many things. I came up with the idea because of my love for baking and gifts. I need $500.00 to spend on the things I need for my business to start. You […]

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  • Hi,my name is Altria Green and I am here talking to you to ask you to support my business. My business is a gift giving business. It is called Greeting Jard. This is called Greeting Jard because you can this as a gift that is customized. Would you do a kind thing and contribute to […]

  •    In order to keep from being mediocre I will make sure the consumer gets their needs met to make them happy. Even though there will be main things you can get you can also get things in it for a certain amount of money. I want to make customers happy in my own way. […]