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Hi, my name is Brianna Watkins. I was born in Macon, GA, but currently live in Warner Robins. The name of my business is Caakies. I will be making a combination of cookies and cakes. I came up with this idea because recently,  it came to my mind that I should combine the two things […]

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  • This week, I came up with a concept for a logo, then I made my own logo for my business with Ms. Lakeitha. I also was in a business meeting on June 26th with other business people. A lot of the people there had great advice, and talked a lot about social marketing. Another thing we did was talk more […]

  • This past week, I’ve learned a lot of things. I learned different quotes, and many other helpful and useful things that will help me grow more and more as a young entrepreneur. From videos to meeting real entrepreneurs, this week really did expand my knowledge in entrepreneurship. On Monday, we made a idea book so […]