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Hi my name is Tyshawn Green. I'm 14 years old and I attend Kipp Atlanta collegiate. I created a tailgating service called Tygaters. When you call Tygaters I personally set up your Tailgate. I also rent out tables and tents. I'm originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, but I'm currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

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My business is a tailgating set-up service. I came up with the business when thinking about the fact if I do jobs for people free why not do it for money. I plan to use any money given to me for the benefit of my business. Those who invest in me will be supporting a […]

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  • I need help from any one whose willing to give it. Please if you can help out click support, and show some love to a young entrepreneur whose got a business that will be sucessful. The business I’m talking about is Tygaters a tailgating service that personally sets up your tailgating experience. We also rent […]

  • I want to own a business for many reasons. The first reason being,I have an idea that helps a lot of people.My second reason is money, which is simple and easy. My reasons are simple yet complicated. The way to achieve these takes planning, but provides a service which brings money. I know people wander […]