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Hi! My name is Nicholas stokes I am 11 year old. I go to lognville middle . Some of the things that I love to do is tinker with technology and exploring the grate out doors. I have a desire to become the leader of the new revolution of education.

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Hi! My name is Nicholas Stokes and the name of  my business is Meet & Teach – a convenient  online tutoring service. There was only one thing that inspired me my love of technology and my desire to never work for someone when I get older just like my father. When I get the money I’ll […]

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  • My name is Nicholas stokes. I am starting an online tutoring service called Meet & Teach . I have seen people  struggle with education and I will like to change all of that. I now what your thinking  how is this site different  from the rest. The reason is because  if you ever want to […]

  • The reason why I want to have my own business because I want to break past the limits of what people set for me. I naturally do not agree with everything. As for the limits set on me because of my skin color, I will prove myself by never being mediocre. I promised myself that […]