My name is Chauncey Wimberly and I’m going to be making t-shirts and hats. The name of  my business  is B-No’s . The reason I decided on making T-shirts and hats is because I love them! What is different about my product is that it will tell a joke on one side, and the punchline […]

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DJ’s Lawn Care provides quality service to get your lawns looking right. I was inspired by a woman named Ms. Mary Ann. I was riding my bike in the neighborhood one day and she asked if I would like to make a few dollars helping her in her dad’s yard. I worked with her for […]

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Hi, my name is Ke’Ira and I am thirteen years old. I am selling cake pops. My cake pops are unique because they can be ordered in various characters and shapes. My customers will be able to create there own cake pops in the Create a Cake Pop station. What inspired me was the love […]

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The name of my business is Divine’s Work Site. I will be offering Do-It-Yourself workshops for 5th graders and up. My classes will teach youngsters to how paint a room and build things. My family will loan me money to start my own business.My daddy mainly taught me how to do all of this stuff. […]

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Hello reader. If you didn’t know, my name is Brandon Gray. I am an upcoming ninth grader. I will be attending Central High School. The name of my business is Life of the Game. I came up with this business because I love to play games and watching other kids have a great time. The […]

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Hi, my name is Brianna Watkins. I was born in Macon, GA, but currently live in Warner Robins. The name of my business is Caakies. I will be making a combination of cookies and cakes. I came up with this idea because recently,  it came to my mind that I should combine the two things […]

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Hi my name is Jordan Tolbert. I am 10 years old. I’m going to the 5th grade this year. I was born in Macon, GA. My business will sell children’s books for 8 and under, and adventure books for 8 and up. I started this business because when I was 8 years old, I loved […]

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This summer I was planing on going to the pool and hanging out with my friends, instead I’m doing something I’ve dreamed about. I’m starting my own business thanks to Building Young Entrepreneurs camp.

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Building Young Entrepreneurs teaches youth how to discover their passion, start a real business, and raise capital through crowdfunding in an 8-week summer program.

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