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BYE Returning to BuggyWorks Office Park in June

When she was just five years old, Lakeitha Grey started her first business – taking the cookies her mother bought for her and her sister and repackaging them to sell to the kids in her neighborhood. A lifelong entrepreneur, Lakeitha has went on to run a few small businesses throughout her academic career, before transitioning into running her own businesses as an adult. And now, she is creating a way to help the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their potential and build real businesses that they are truly passionate about, before they even reach the 10th grade.

Building Young Entrepreneurs is a unique summer camp – it has a small enrollment (a maximum of 12 students) but a big impact. Meeting daily throughout the summer, BYE ‘pulls the inner entrepreneur out’ of students aged 10-14. The program is designed to teach them how to find their passion, build a real business and raise capital through crowd funding. But, it also puts an emphasis on boosting self-confidence and instilling a strong work ethic that will benefit campers for years to come.  Through one-on-one work and mentorship, it is the goal that each child will leave this camp with a strong grasp of the principles of entrepreneurship, and a feeling of accomplishment and pride in their work.

Whether you’re ready to sign your own child up for a summer of building a business, self-confidence, and work ethic, or you’re interested in helping to mentor, encourage or financially support these young entrepreneurs, the BuggyWorks location makes that a possibility. Contact Lakeitha to find out more about mentoring or sponsoring a young entrepreneur, or sponsoring one of the camp’s activities. Or if you want to share your story, spend a morning or afternoon with the group discussing your successes, struggles, and insight on entrepreneurship with the campers. And, of course, you can simply stop and talk to the group as you pass them in the hall, young entrepreneurs are always working to sharpen their networking and interpersonal skills!

To enroll your child in BYE, or get more involved as a sponsor or mentor, please visit

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My Path to Success

Hi my name is Malaya. I have a soap and more business. I go to building young entrepreneurs and will be starting a business this summer. Please invest in my business so I can buy materials soaps and other materials.

Investors Needed

Hi. I am starting a business.Designs by Baileigh is an interior design business, specializing in children’s rooms. Well,of course I will need supplies to run my business. So, will you kind reader consider investing  an amount of money so that I can buy the supplies I need for my business? I don’t care how much money you give me because no amount is to small or to big. Thank you. If you know a child whose room I  can design, or want to donate money to my crowdfunding page, go to Thank you

The road to success

My name is Nicholas stokes. I am starting an online tutoring service called Meet & Teach . I have seen people  struggle with education and I will like to change all of that. I now what your thinking  how is this site different  from the rest. The reason is because  if you ever want to find a tutor you have to go to 6,000 sites to find on cheap and respectable tutor. Well I took all the tutors and put theme together  in one site. So for every business to thrive they need start up  capital so help me thrive .

Please Support

Hi,my name is Altria Green and I am here talking to you to ask you to support my business. My business is a gift giving business. It is called Greeting Jard. This is called Greeting Jard because you can this as a gift that is customized. Would you do a kind thing and contribute to help me start a business to give a gift better than a card and give a Greeting Jard. Please go to my page on www.building young and go to Greeting Jard and click support then follow the steps. You can also email me at Thank you for consideration.

Seeking investors

Hi, it Blaire Lee. I am starting a baking business. It is called BB Baking. I would like you to invest in me. I am a strong growing business. I need the money so I can buy supplies and start selling my product. Please go to look for BB Baking and invest in me. Thanks.

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Hi, This is Jaden Montgomery, the owner of J-ROCK’S. My business includes phone case customization featuring original artwork. I am requesting money to improve and expand my business. I would love to bring something new to the world. Thank you for your time.

Malaya’s business

I am Malaya I am 8. I am the second youngest person in the camp. I want to have a business because I want to make my own money for to buy things I want and need. I am never lazy , fearless, or below radar. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1: Start

The reason why I want to have my own business because I want to break past the limits of what people set for me. I naturally do not agree with everything. As for the limits set on me because of my skin color, I will prove myself by never being mediocre. I promised myself that nothing will stand in my way of success.