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the week

This week we made our logo’s on Tuesday. On Wednesday put our logo’s on the computer to see what it looks like. Today, we were in a meeting for an hour talking about business on a web-site. We played musical chairs, which taught us how to focus and to pay attention of your surroundings - my brother Brandon won.

Again my name is Chauncey Wimberly and my business is called B-no’s. I make t-shirts and hats with jokes on them. Please donate to my campaign. See you later.

Ma’Teez meeting experience

Hello everyone. Today I had my first meeting as a young entrepreneur. I was introduced to new entrepreneurs just like me and were interested in my business. This lady also gave me her business card to design 15 T-shirts for her business! A few  minutes later the meeting began. The topic of the meeting was online marketing. There were three subtopics #1 website #2 social media #3 email - to see which  one is better to use in your opinion. I would most likely use social media and email, because a lot of people are on Facebook and Twitter and you get more questions and service. Email helps you gain trust with the owner and client. I rather not do a website because it takes a lot of work to manage a business and a page at the same time. So, if your interested on helping and supporting. I just want to say ” THANK YOU SO SO MUCH” !!!!!!!



I’m Growing

This week, I came up with a concept for a logo, then I made my own logo for my business with Ms. Lakeitha. I also was in a business meeting on June 26th with other business people. A lot of the people there had great advice, and talked a lot about social marketing. Another thing we did was talk more about who inspired us and everything. For these last few weeks, I have really learned more about becoming an entrepreneur.

Inspiring Morning

This morning I had a big business meeting with a bunch of entrepreneurs. They talked about online marketing. Then I introduced my business to the audience. Also this man name Jessie Jackson told me that somebody was doing the same thing I was doing but in Atlanta. I find out that it is a good opportunity to do it in Macon because nobody has done it in Macon. Also Mr. Jackson taught me that I have to believe in myself to become successful, never quiet on your business, and always try again. But during the meeting I learned that you can get overwhelmed if you work by yourself. Also hire people by experience.

Tune in next week for the Exciting Week Ever.