Best Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

As a female entrepreneur, you occupy an exciting and intimidating job space. People’s expectations for you are always changing, and so is your perception of your role. Having a dynamic support team to help you stay accountable to your progress as a manager and leader and boost you up when you’re feeling down is essential to your success.
Of course, not all of us have direct access to such a team. A strong support network is especially important for female entrepreneurs, who may feel like they don’t deserve or aren’t prepared for their position. Mentorship gives you a resource to fall back on when you feel this way and it’s important to remember that it comes in many forms.
That’s where podcasts come in. For female entrepreneurs, this indirect mentorship can coach you through tough times and help you keep your edge in a modern business environment. Here are a few of the best ones to listen to.

The Strategy Hour

If you’re a businesswoman of action, The Strategy Hour’s detail-oriented business success discussions hosted by Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams can provide important inspiration.
This podcast covers a range of topics, from SEO and Google search analytics to methods of increasing audience engagement with your brand.

So Money

So Money, hosted by renowned financial strategist Farnoosh Torabi, is a great podcast for practical financial discussions. Each segment familiarizes you with professional advice and strategies in a different area of finance, from budgeting to debt management to income ratios. Moreover, this podcast can be particularly useful for businesswomen experiencing financial hardships or for those who feel their money management skills could use a boost.

Women Taking the Lead

This podcast contains interviews of successful women in the field of business, as well as of men who help women develop their leadership. Women Taking the Lead is hosted by a business coach named Jodi Flynn and helps women take the lead not just in their business, but also in their professional development.
By sampling interviews from female business owners, Flynn offers advice on how to take charge of everything from knowledge gained through mentorships to your own fear. Moreover, this podcast can be especially for Type A individuals cognizant of their own mental insecurities and hoping to make a personal change.


Former journalists Jen Poyant and Manoush Zomorodi explore how to create more empathetic and more stable business models in their podcast, ZigZag. They encourage female CEOs to take charge without losing the humanity in their work, as many in powerful positions are prone to do.

The Takeaway

Female entrepreneurs face many challenges on their path to success. People’s expectations of you can be as negative on your outlook as your own insecurities.
Therefore, mentorship is essential to help you develop your skills and share practical knowledge on how to do better business. As such, hearing from someone experienced in your field can help you overcome insecurities and achieve success in your field.
Since not everyone has access to real mentors, these podcasts for female entrepreneurs could fill that void. Although they are hosted by professionals of different backgrounds, they share one goal: helping female entrepreneurs reach success.

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