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You may think that as a modern entrepreneur, it would be trendy to skip school. After all, there are many famously successful dropouts, from Steve Jobs to Walt Disney. However, everyone needs the education to become an entrepreneur, whether that comes from school or not.

Picking up college courses online and getting yourself out there for full-time research is essential to your journey of becoming an online entrepreneur. This approach will equip you with the necessary information and experience to improve your business model, your skills, and your relationship with your employees.

To help you take full advantage of this modern opportunity, we have compiled some advice on finding online entrepreneur classes and disciplines to consider.

Available classes

Entrepreneurship is an umbrella term for many different investors and managers. Naturally, there are many classes available for developing the different analytical and strategic investing abilities that come with the territory.

The first thing you need to decide is how long you want your course to be. Many of them are short and designed to help you jumpstart your new business rather than give you an extended education.

Your financial situation should also be a deciding factor. For instance, Harvard Law online courses will cost more than those offered by your local community college.

Do you have a new idea for a startup or already run an existing business? Regardless of your level of experience, you can find online classes for all education levels. These are typically offered by universities and third parties, such as Everyman Business and edX.

Some of these courses are self-paced and catered to many degree ranges, levels of expertise, and financial requirements.

From introductory courses to stand-ins for advanced degrees, here are a few of the available subjects that you should consider.


Tax season is stressful for everyone and doubly so for a small business owner. Knowing how to balance your company’s budget, calculate your tax deductions, and efficiently manage your cash flow is key to running your venture.

Classes in accounting and finances help you interpret your assets and liabilities to take financial concepts and apply them directly to your company’s cash flow.


The domain of marketing is a blind spot for many small business owners, particularly those who have owned businesses for a long time. If you haven’t kept up with the latest trends, digital marketing spaces and the rise of SEO practices may have left you behind.

An online marketing course can help you get ahead again with insights into modern lead generation and marketing practices. Your business’s products need to find their perfect audience to be as profitable to you as they should be. An online marketing class could help.


Being a business owner isn’t all about ledgers and deductions. Knowing how to boost morale at the office is just as important as knowing how to critique your employees’ performance.

Learning the best practices to conduct meetings and set an example to your employees can help you run your business more efficiently. Moreover, short-term management programs are optimally designed to teach you researched principles of leadership from knowledgeable industry professionals.

No matter what business you’re in, you’re also in the business of people. Management courses at all degree levels can help refine your interactions and make you a better boss.

The Takeaway

Regardless of your level of schooling, you can take advantage of online courses in entrepreneurship. Many of them are offered through universities and companies online for a short-term research-based knowledge boost or a refresher in practical leadership methods.

Even taking a beginner business course could help you gain reliable research skills, access to resources, and an abundance of useful knowledge.

There are many online course options to accommodate part- or full-time learning and for a wide range of budgets and levels of prior experience. Therefore, nothing is stopping you from getting your leadership, financing, management, and marketing skills up to where your company needs them to be.

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